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College Life

Distant Haruka
Distant in Spanish
Translated by
Melania Avellane
Distant in Polish
Translated by
Michal Bartczak
One Wish Haruka & Michiru
Un Deseo
One Wish in Spanish
Translated by
Yolanda Diego
Deserving Uranus & Neptune
Deserving in Spanish
Translated by
Yolanda Diego
Family Mako-chan
Deserving in Spanish
Translated by
Yolanda Diego
This story is based off of Tim Nolan's The End of the Beginning.
Circles of Time: Bad Guy
Written with Jon Carp.
A pic done by Nightman for Circles of Time: Bad Guy - Fanfic Ad
Chibi-usa Triple Feature - Consisting of:
The Earth and The Moon, No Regrets &
Revenge of the Small Lady Rabbit

The Trouble with Kittens Artemis
Memoirs of a Daimon Whiplash (the Daimon)
Reaching Equilibrium Uranus, Neptune, Sunaru & Poseidon
This one is based off the prelude to Jackie Chiang's Senshi Kurai.
Begging Favours
Written with Ophelia
and Joan McDougall.
Setsuna, Endymion, Beans,
Ophelia, Joan, Haruka,
Michiru & More!
Three pictures done by Ophelia for Begging Favours.
Dragging Joan in, Behind the Couch, and The End
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Orion REMIX 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Orion, America, LeVar Bouyer, Beans, The Fanboys, Club AniPike & More!
After the 4th season of LeVar Bouyer's Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Orion.
Bean Wars!!! 1, 2, 3 & 4
Written with His Lordship Chaos.
The Fanboys, AniPike, Here is Greenwood, Final Fantasy 8, My Neighbor Totoro/Lion King & More!
A part of His Lordship Chaos' Curse of the Fanboys!

Silly Stuff
How would fanfics be effected if Haruka was a guy? Haruka, Michiru & Beans
Can't we all just be friends?
Written with Ophelia.
Haruka, Michiru &
Revenge of the Plushies!
Written with Ophelia.
Outer Senshi,
Beans & Ophelia

Final Fantasy 8
Sowing the SeeDs Quistis & Xu
The FF8 Fanfic has it's own homepage. Please visit it to get the latest chapters of Sowing the SeeDs.
A pair of pics done by Helen Fong for Sowing the SeeDs.
Quistis, Xu & Sean, Chibi Kei, Xu & Quistis, Kei modeling clothes

Mailing List

Okay, I've decided that there has to be a better way to maintain a mailing list (and His Lordship Chaos can take credit for giving me the idea). I have started 3 lists on Yahoo eGroups. If you are interested, just follow one of the 3 urls below to the list subscription screen.

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