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What is Lost Dreams?

Lost Dreams is a comic created and drawn by Elaine and written by me. About a half dozen pages were printed in MixxZine (for which we are very grateful).

Brief synopsis of the story

Lost Dreams' main character is a teenager named Lysithia Aoni. She is attending a special school for students with aptitude in 'magic'. (Those who use it aren't sure exactly what it is, psychic or otherwise, so it's called magic). She is studying what is called 'Dream magic'. The story begins with her having a dream of a mysterious man who is looking for her...

Introduction to some of the characters

Here is some info about the main characters, which are in this picture.

Lysithia Aoni
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
Magic: Dream
Lysithia (aka Lys) is the main character of the story. She is a student of Dream magic. A quiet person by nature, she's more inclined to allow others to take the lead.
Riona Aisawa
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
Magic: Psychic
Riona is an outgoing personality. She has a bit of a temper that can lead her into trouble on occasion, but she's a good person. She's quite competitive with Kaˇ.
Kaˇ Derex
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Magic: Summon
Kaˇ is every bit the upperclassman. While he isn't condescending towards his friends, he does act more mature then them. He also has a bit of a secret crush on Lysithia.

And who is the fourth guy in the picture? Well, I can't tell you yet. He'll show up here soon enough.

Here is some info for the secondary characters, which are in this picture.

Skye Reynolds
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Magic: Empathy
Skye is Riona's roommate. She's a level headed person with an incredible capacity for understanding others. She's a natural problem solver.
Nero Orien
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
Magic: Elemental (Pyro)
Orien is Kaˇ's roommate. He has an extreme dislike for his given name, so is always referred to by his family name. He has an occassionally crass personality and is a bit dense at times.

The world of Lost Dreams

The story takes place in a non-descript average joe city. The campus itself is pictured here. All students attending Atlantis Academy live on school grounds. The dorms are not on the same plot of land as the school, so students must walk between the two. A Quik-E mart is along the way and a favorite hang out spot.

Students study traditional subjects along with their magical ones. Exactly what this 'magic' is is still under debate. Some call it a latent psychic ability that some understand enough to learn how to control it. Others proclaim that they truly are practicing a form of magic. Whatever it is, it's a skill that needs to be trained for the safety of the student and the community he lives in.

Like all skills, no two people's abilities are exactly alike or of the same strength. Often how much control a person has over their skill is related to how much they practice at it. Here is a brief run down of some of the magics in this series:

  • Dream: A precognitive skill. The person has very little control over it at all. They receive a premonition in their dreams and they must interpret it.
  • Psychic: Much like a kinetic skill, users manipulate the physical world using their powers. Often a chant or closing the eyes will be used to help focus the power.
  • Summon: The ability to summon creatures from another plane. This is one of the most feared magics because of the risks involved with controlling the summoned creature and the stigma attached to summoners in general.
  • Empathy: An empathic person has an uncanny understanding for others. They can use this skill for things such as negotiation and counseling.
  • Elemental: Elementals are much like the name suggest, the have control over an element. This power is also frightening if it is used unwisely.

Distribution schedule

MixxZine will no longer be carrying Lost Dreams (don't email me asking why, I'm rather fuzzy on it myself..). But, that doesn't mean we're without a plan. We've always intended to produce our own book that is a collection of the story. The main hang up at the moment is the fact that Elaine does have other obligations besides this one and can't spend all her time drawing.

On this page I'm going to continue to post any character sketches that Elaine does and keep people updated on the story's progress. I do have more sketches sitting here, but they are for the second arc. The publishing rate is at a pace where I don't want to confuse people by posting pictures of characters that they won't get to see for months and months.

I have set up a list with OneList for announcements. If you'd like to join it click here.

The Goods

Elaine has a wonderful habit of doing additional pictures of characters to help keep my creative juices flowing. This is where I'll share some of them.

  • Kaˇ Derex with the glowing eyes of a summoned beast in the background.
  • Riona Aisawa playing with her rock 'yo-yo'.

About the creators

Elaine Cardanes is an aspiring manga artist. She has worked on various projects such as Much of her work is posted here.

Amanda Anderson is better know in Sailormoon circles by the nickname "Greenbeans". She has written several Sailormoon fanfics that can be found here.

Comments are welcomed by both of us.