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All (but one) of the fics here are in .zip format.

All the fics on this page rate as my personal favorites. And since I was in a ranting mood while I was updating this page, I wrote up a page describing my earlier experiences with fanfic reading. I also discuss why these stories are favorites of mine. (I'm sure y'all are just dying to know why ;) Read my picks HarukaandMichiru fanfic wise while you're at it ;)

February 28th
Curse of the Fanboys!
  • Fanboys! 9, Part III [95k]

  • Author/Page
    LeVar Bouyer
    LeVar Bouyer Sings The Home Page Blues
    Moon Revenge [12k] SM

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Orion [843k] SM

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor America [23k] SM
    For Love And Justice [62k] SM
    Jon Carp
    Carp's Koi Pond
    Pain: The Lovers 1-3 [24k] SM

    Secondary Characters [100k] SM
    Jackie Chiang
    The Sailor Senshi Page
    The Outer Senshi Series [138k] SM

    Senshi Kurai 1-15 [105k] SM

    The Sailor Senshi [3k] SM

    Love [4k] SM

    Rules to Abide by [32k] SM (not zipped)
    Sean Gaffney
    Sean Gaffney's Homepage

    Jeffrey Hosmer
    Jeff Hosmer's Rogues' Gallery
    Trials and Errors [89k] SM
    Brett Handy
    Darkwind's Homepage
    Oh! My God! [170k] AMG

    Too Good to be True [105k] AMG/Ranma

    Hazards of Divinity [169k] AMG/El Hazard
    Elisabeth Hegerat
    Ophelia's Notebook
    After the Storm [5k] SM

    Child O' Mine [8k] SM
    James Helferty
    James Helferty's Webpage
    A True Friend [4k] SM
    The Heart of the Flames
    Mako-chan's Happy Ending [22k] SM
    Gideon Marcus
    Winterborn [32k] SM
    Phillip Master
    Addiction [3k] SM

    Love's Boundaries 1 [14k] Here is Greenwood/Ranma
    Confessions 1 & 2 [10k] SM

    The Gift [3k] SM

    Resistance is Futile [9k] SM
    Tim Nolan
    Awakening 1 & 2 [130k] SM

    Obligations [183k] SM

    The End of the Beginning [200k] SM

    Aftermath [13k] SM

    Intermezzo [29k] SM

    Advent [45k] SM

    Free Will [14k] Ranma

    The Day A Train Fell From The Sky [10k] SM/GE999
    Haruka Tenoh
    With or Without You 1-4, Epilogue [8k] SM
    Peter Ward
    Urd's Shrine
    Aa! Megami-sensei 1-14 [211k] AMG/Ranma
    The Hardest Step [20k] SM

    Sailor Moon Poems 1 & 2 [15k] SM

    Answering the Call [8k] SM

    When We Were Happy [12k] SM

    The next two fanfics are different. One, they are both parodies that require a fanboy's knowledge of anime to catch all the jokes. They also have the.. dubious.. distinction of crossing over with College Life and/or its characters at some point. Club Anipike explains why Mako-chan showed up in College Life 15, while Curse of the Fanboys shows what happened after College Life 15.

    His Lordship Chaos
    Lord Carnage's Page O' Fun and Fanboys!

    Fanboys! Auxiliary Corps.
    Curse of the Fanboys!
    Season 1 - Parts List [431k]
    Season 2 - Parts List [1,300k]
    Season 3 - Parts List [503k]
    Nothing is sacred!
    NightBreak's Home Page
    Club Anipike 1-8 [64k] Everything!
    Anipike Interlude 1-2 [18k] Everything!

    Vampire Princess Michiru 1-4 [68k] SM/VPM

    This fanfic was written by Fred Herriot and takes place within the universe of College Life. It's probably one of the closest things to a fanfic crossover that I have seen. To fully understand the story, you need to have read the rest of his series Sailor Twins.

    Fred Herriot
    "College Life" Vignette: "When Sisters Come Calling" [21k] SM/UY/CL