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What are you, a sadist? Coming here expecting to find more. Of course, more of what is the question. I'm suspecting you want another helping of greenbeans ;) With that in mind, I've nosed around my ideas folder for stories that weren't posted for one reason or another. Most because they were either sent out on a mailing list or done on IRC.

IRC stories are told in the same style as Jackie Chiang's Pooh Bedtime Stories series (with one exception that will explained further down the page). These stories were first told online in an IRC channel and then formatted for easier reading with people's comments still included.

Once (and only once ;) Jackie Chiang tried to encourage an informal fanfic contest among the regulars of ##Sailormoon. She established 4 rules for the contest:

  1. It must be at least 5k
  2. It must be spell and grammar checked
  3. It must be Outer Senshi related
  4. It must be respectful to the Outer Senshi

This was my entry to the contest. I took special care when crafting this story to make sure I irked Jackie in every way I could ;) It's important to realize that one of her favorite animals are squirrels. She did quite a bit of glaring at me after she read this...

This next story is a short telling of my adventure to Barnes & Noble. If anything, it probably gives a weird perspective into my world. (I hope to add more once I find them again...)