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I'm Amanda "Greenbeans" Anderson, and you have stumbled upon my 'me' page. Wait, before you run off, let me at least introduce myself. I'm a sometimes college student (depending upon which way the money is flowing). Currently, I'm working for CyberNet, Inc., as their Support Manager. My experiences at the college level and obsession with Sailor Moon have led me to write a fanfic series titled "College Life".

Sailor Moon is not my only anime obsession. I also love Ah! My Goddess, Koko wa Greenwood, Bubblegum Crisis/Crash, Child's Toy and many, many others. In the last three years, I've spent more on anime then I'd probably care to figure out ^^; I especially love the work of Megumi Ogata. I buy every CD of hers that I can get my paws on, along with anime that she appears in.

People have asked me why I go by the name 'Greenbeans'. I got the nickname back in grade school, when I was then called 'Bean Pole'. (I was physically tall and lanky, other kids had it in their minds to pick on me via name-calling). In junior high, it mutated into 'String Beans' and by high school it had progressed into 'Greenbeans'. It's not an entirely bad nickname to have, in my opinion. It does leave the way open for a lot of puns and joke making, which works for me ^_^

When it comes to making a homepage, I wanted to create a place that expressed me, but was also somewhat useful. To that end, I have all of my fanfics posted, along with my favorite fanfics. While not everyone may agree with my tastes, one or two people might and that's good enough for me. One will also trip over opinions. I would encourage walking around them carefully instead of stomping all over them if they don't suit your fancy. I can't offer mass amounts of data for download; I don't have the space to host it nor the inclination to organize a major archive. I do host a modest fan art page because I admire people with the talent to draw (something I totally lack).

Activities that I enjoy doing include reading, writing, sleeping, playing video games, and watching anime. Reading is well represented in my love of Anne McCaffrey, she is my hero when it comes to authors. Writing is my main hobby in that I spend hours a day writing Usenet posts, email, and finally fanfics when I have time for them. Sleeping is probably the most under-represented of my 'hobbies' since it's the thing I seem to do the least of. Video games, especially ones by Square, occupy much of my free time.

Things that I don't like are few, but truly irk me. I have a low tolerance for people who cannot catch a clue. (Consider it a tragic flaw for someone who is generally open minded about most everything). I just have very little patience for people who do not show some measure of intelligence. I'm afraid that the thing that is most trying of my patience is ICQ. It's a great tool, but also my greatest enemy at times.

I would encourage anyone who hasn't been scared off to read some of my other 'me' pages that are more focused around specific topics. (Do you realize how long this page would be if I said it all here? o_O; )