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I first became interesting in anime song lyrics when my friend told me of his troubles finding the lyrics to Ranma 's 'Don't Make Me A Shrew'. I encountered my own difficulties when I wanted the lyrics to 'Kaze ni Naritai'. It was a frustration that I wanted to help put an end to. (How else could people sing horribly to their favorite songs? ;)

Let me provide some links to other lyrics pages:

  • Anime Lyrics(.com) I think the page title says it all.
  • Welcome to the Opera House: This page features lyrics from the Final Fantasy game series and the CDs that were done based on it.
  • SUNET - Swedish University Network: Don't let the Swedish part throw you off. It's a public access FTP that has JIS lyrics in .gz format. (Meaning that you'll need an unzipping program and JIS viewer to read them ^^; )