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Those who know me know that I admire anyone with even a touch of artistic talent. Lacking such skills myself, I chose to adore the artwork others produce. With that in mind, this is a modest page of people whofs have submitted artwork for me to post. The posting requirements aren't nearly as stringent as they are for my fanfics pages. I figure that if you can draw something and then find a scanner, you've got to have something going for you.

I do accept submissions with a few strings attached. Firstly, I ask that you don't submit anything unsuitable for younger children. I don't care about the children so much as keeping my own mind free from thoughts it didn't need. Send the name you want it posted as, current email, and a short description about how you made the piece. I may not post everything I receive (either for content or space considerations). But hey, something is better than nothing, right? :)