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Nifty sound stuff
(lalala connect the dots)

Outer Senshi vs. Barney (29 seconds, 8 bit, 8khz)
Uranus and Neptune vs. Barney (34.1 seconds, 8 bit, 8khz)

Translation for the above .wav is: I love you, you love me, we're a... Deep Submerge! World Shaking! *LOVE LOVE LOVE* Uranus! Neptune! *LOVE LOVE* Wait, Neptune, don't move! *LOVE* < Neptune sobbing > Haruka! Pink Sugar Heart Attack!

Just kiddin' around
(Yeah, like anyone would take a bean seriously..)

Reasons Chibi-usa must be Punished!
She's plagued 4 seasons of Sailor Moon. Find out why, in the name of all decency, she should be punished!

Sailor Moon (mis)Conceptions
The Beanster is answering questions about Sailor Moon! Oh, you expected serious answers..

Jackie Purity Test
Yes, you did read that correctly! Test to see how 'pure' you are of Jackie Chiang's influences in this 32-bit application. (BTW, Jackie got 89% on it and I got 28% ^_^;)

Noiprocs Purity Test
Escaping the realms of good taste, another purity test has been made by request. (And I can think of at least 2 IRC channels that would probably ban me for it..) This one is just flat out weird. I scored 29% which is pretty scary IMO..

Lord Charon Purity Test
This is the third in a series of purity tests written as a vast misuse of my programming skills < heh heh heh heh >. I scored 46% on it. I'm afraid now...

My devotion to games
(Some call it an addiction..)

Sailor Moon Worms sfx
Done by my friend Adam Large, it features sounds from the English Sailor Moon. (Um, you need the game 'Worms' to use it and 'No, I will not give the game to you' ;)

Video game reviews and info
Mostly Playstation games. Read my reviews of various games. Pick up some gaming tips related to a reviewed title. Cruise through the related files that I've scrouged up off of my hard drive.