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Non-Anime Related:

Slashdot: News for Geeks. I'm such a geek.

Fox News: I've changed my news watching preferences from ABC to Fox News. It's not as funny as World News Now could be, but it's more informative.

Online Comics:

Mega Tokyo: If only I could update consistantly like this pair does. Catch up on the antics of Piro and Largo. Read their trice-weekly rants. And don't worry, they understand j00.

As If!: Taking a look back at the 80's.

Sinfest: "Die, Geisha Slut!" Does anything else need to be said?

Anime / Video Game Related:

The Worst Sailor Moon Web Pages Ever: This page is ran by the Amazoness Quartet with the ever infamous quote, "In the name of the Moon, you should be punished!" Check out who the unworthy are for this month. (That may sound bad, but this really is a great page).

Anime Lyrics: I would like to think that I have a great Sailor Moon song lyrics page, but this page puts me to shame. Thus, I bow to the better page and encourage everyone to visit this site if lyrics are what you want.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: What can I say? A basic link to a great resource page. I still go there on a regular basis to look up details despite having a firm grip of the Sailormoon storyline and such.

The Heart of the Flames: JetWolf's page, it's always good for a laugh, IMO. Check out her 100 best Sailormoon moments and her rantings page. Watch out for rampant opinions and sly sarcasm ;)

Eidolon :: Carbuncle
This is a Final Fantasy web clique ran by Jackie Chiang. It's Final Fantasy, how can you not like it?

Game Wallpapers: Keeping my desktop looking spiffy with images from the games I like to play.

Anime Wallpapers: Hey, if it's not a game wallpaper, it has to be an anime one =)

Fan Fic Related:

A Sailor Moon Romance: Probably the most complete Sailor Moon fan fic archive on the net. I'm a definite supporter of this site and look to it whenever I want something new to read. A Haruka and Michiru web resource.

IRC Related:

#Fanfics on the SorceryNet: Welcome to the homepage #Fanfics, the place on the SorceryNet for discussing fanfics of all nature (not just Sailormoon!)

Need more ways to kill boredom? Visit here.