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In her defense (yeah right....)

She does have her uses... not many, true, but some uses: hostage, target in target practice, etc. ... -- jiro

I can give you a reason why she has the best attack =P Her attack is the fastest one. Her attack tickles the enemy... giving it no time to try to attack. The enemy can then die of laughter or another senshi can use some attack to kill it or she can um..just annoy the monster to death ^^ -- Tux_Kamen

I -like- Chibi-Usa...she makes a good enemy...[and she looks good doing it]...she's not the most useless....just look at Naru [Muahahahahhahaha you didn't think of non-villains or non-senshi did you beanie?] Just think about the SuperS took Usagi AND Yam Head to close the big dream hole or whatever the hell it was -- Noiprocs

She's a good courier between the present and the future :) -- Noiprocs

[Greenbeans' add on] What is she? UPS or something? Don't you wish she would go on strike ;)

Another good thing about Chibi-usa: She turns into a beautiful Black Lady! Yea *drool* hehe j/k -- Tux_Kamen

If you'll belive it I found a use for the little pink haired devil child:

You could use Reenie as a sort of torture. Take a criminal that won't talk, tie them to a chair and throw them in a room with Reenie for a day. If she doesn't drive them entirely insane then they'll confess to anything.

If you want to lure an enemy into a trap just scare Reenie and wait for the villans, criminals, and youmas to come pouring in. -- Saturn Knight

That pink hair has GOT to be good for something! Maybe you could take her to the fair, cut bits off of her hair, and then sell it as cotton candy! Et voila! You have dollops of Cash-cash to spend, and she'll be in too much shock to speak! Two dune lizards with one throw! :-) -- Daniel "Lord Charon" Stephenson

Realize it! With Chibiusa in the fight and those *shudder* heart's she proceedes to annoy the youma and make him, or her on that account, focus on her and leave the other, mucho kewler, Senshi alone, hopefully next time she distracts a youma it gets so pissed it kills her scrawny arse. -- Minako