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It is known that I dislike Chibi-usa, yada yada, forget the introduction part. Here is a list of reasons Chibi-usa should be punished. Compiled by myself and Eolo at about 3am my time o_O. Additions to the list are welcome as long as they are in GOOD TASTE (You know what that means :P)

Firstly, I want to point out some of the alternative, er-, names I have heard used in reference to Chibi-usa.

  • Abomination
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Daemon Child
  • Pinecone Head
  • Pink Spore
  • Croissant Head
  • Yam Head (Chibi Yam)

    Yam Head (Chibi Yam) takes a lil explaining. My friend, RoseMoon, calls the odangos (the pointy hair things on her head) yams because they are shaped like them. ^_^ I have also heard the odangos called 'horns' and 'antennas'.

    Slight addition by RoseMoon: Yamhead with cotton candy hair.. :D

    The list was getting long, so I have split it up into the following pages:

    Reasons why Chibi-usa MUST be punished!
    The original list by Eolo and myself with continuing additions by me.

    Other's contributions
    See what others have to say about the Yam Head!

    In her defense (Yeah, right....)
    Chibi-usa does have her good points! Sure...

    Let's All Kick Annoying Chibi-usa's Ass

    That's the list so far. If you have something to contribute, e-mail me. Flame me if you wish. I'll be sure to laugh at you and post them for the rest of the 'net to see that someone does actually like the most useless character in Sailor Moon :P