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Reasons why Chibi-usa MUST be punished!

  • Her attacks are USELESS

  • The word incest doesn't ring a bell to her

  • Her voice... oh god... the voice is in my head

  • She tried to break up her mother and father, thus she wouldn't be born, wait, that's a good thing, damn, you go girl!

  • She keeps arguing with Usagi, and what at first was cute, became annoying and routine

  • She shouldn't argue with an elder, especially a parent! What a poor role model for our youth!!! She is the one destroying our American values today! Where's Clinton to stop such outrages from occuring?!

  • She keeps getting in the other's way, because they have to protect her and she messes things up

  • She had all of SS to herself and didn't get half of what Haruka and Michiru accomplished in the first 6 episodes of S

  • Pink Sugar Heart Attack. Look at that! Pink (what a fasion statement) Sugar (cavities, well, she does induce those) Heart (look under Pink) Attack (the last word was the only useful one in the entire statement)

  • Do you really want to see a 6 year old prancing about naked while transforming?

    [Addition: Helen Szeto pointed it out to me that she isn't 6 (I knew that, honest...) but is really like 900 or something outragous like that. It causes me to wonder, "Why hasn't she grown up then?" If not bodily, she could have at least matured some.]

  • She screwed up the 'Uranus, Neptune, and Chibimoon Plus!' CD. How? She was on it. I mean you go from Haruka's heart wretching song of wanting to become the wind and giving up her dream. Then Michiru's song of discovering her soulmate to some lame lil kid's pop song!

    The three things on the CD that got to me:

    Her going 'pomp pomp pomp' at the beginning and the end of her narrative (which jiro, mako, hal, and charon all told me how to spell correctly :P).

    Her image song on the CD has a cool beat to it but her whiny little kids voice to ruin it!

    Why does the one character (I refuse to acknowledge her as a Senshi since she doesn't deserve the title) I don't like have to be on the same CD as the two that I really like! It's a personal insult I tell you ^^;