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Video games...

I love them, especially Role-Playing Games, and especially ones from SquareSoft. That said, I should also mention that I have a nasty habit of not finishing games that I start. Meaning that I'll work my way 80% through the game and then stop for one reason or another and not get back to it.

When I play a game, I have nothing against using strategy guides (usually ones put out by Brady Games) and looking up FAQs on the net. Two good sites for them are RPGamer and Game FAQs (notice the s in the URL, else you'll end up at a porno site that automatically opens multiple copies of your browser).

The pages here include my thoughts on a game, my tips for it (stuff that I haven't read elsewhere, noting the above sources), and undoubtedly spoilers. Most all the games I've included here I own. So, as I buy more games, the more I'll have to talk about (fair enough, eh?)

The reviews I do will be primarily for E and T rated games. I don't care for graphically violent games, and will avoid playing them (so that means no reviewing them ^^; ). The hours estimated I give in the infomation box are those provided by the game company. My own times often vary.

ESRB Rating System
EC Early Childhood Ages 3 and up
Absolutely no objectionable material
E Everyone Ages 6 and up
Minimal violence or crude language
T Teens Ages 13 and up
Suggestive themes, mild or strong language, animated violence
M Mature Ages 17 and up
Adult themes (blood & gore), strong language, sexual themes
AO Adult Only Ages 21 and up
Sexual themes, extreme violence. There are no AO games (yet)