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Other's contributions

She is the daughter of Usagi we didn't need another one of her -- Sho

Well... it may work for Haruka and Michiru *@_@*, but her and Usagi in the bath at the same time just don't click -- Daniel "Lord Charon" Stephenson

Same goes for the bed [Greenbeans note: !!] -- Daniel "Lord Charon" Stephenson

Whenever she gets scared, that moonbean tingy shoots out of her head. Can you say "COME AND KILL ME, PLEASE BAD GUYS???" Plus it's gotta be a b*tch at horror movies ^_^ -- Daniel "Lord Charon" Stephenson

Chibi-Usa wastes valuable screen time that could be dedicated to the other Sailor Senshi -- Sharpe

She is a carbon copy of Usagi, although MUCH more annoying -- Sharpe

She usurpts the other senshis' positions. Such as getting into bleahing contests with Usagi (Rei) -- Sharpe

Sure she's kawaii, but Hotaru's a hella lot cuter. Hotaru also has a _MUCH_ stronger attack, and is incredibly smart for her age. (ex. in the manga, she reads complex poems etc.) besides, Cbibiusa is always so crappy-happy. Was that in good taste?.... oh well. -- Mich97

Yamhead is a sickly sugary pinky haired, whining loser. Usagi maybe a whiner, but at leat she can kill a monster. *Scene from Yamhead* *Monster quivers in fear* Monster: Please don't hit me with sugary hearts! I mean, I could get a toothache! -- Ezelek

That poor lad who did the tea ceremony started dressing up in drag because of the trauma and shock of seeing the pink terror in action. ;p In drag, and as a copy of poor Mako-chan, too. Mako-chan will probably bop the yam for that ;p -- jiro-kun

Let's see... mistreatment of the pegasus Helios by means of summoning into hazardous situations ^_- The SPCA could be after yam. After all.. one of the trio or quartet could have hurt the poor pegasus ;p -- jiro-kun

Causing tooth decay on an international scale. She's # 1 on the international Dentist's union 'most wanted' list -- jiro-kun

Luna files a lawsuit against the yam, claiming that luna-p is an unfair and derogatory caricture of Luna herself -- jiro-kun

[A mini-rant: Anonymous submission]

Personally, I don't like Chibi-Usa all that much. I mean, when she is a Senshi, how intimidating can she be?!? I am the tiny, insignifigant Sailor Moon (it's even in the name!!) wannabe. I'll hit you with Pink Sugary Hearts, fear me!!

Yeah right. All you have to do to shut her up is stuff her in a mailbox (or a fairly big lunchbox x_x ).

Anyway, my biggest anti-Chibi-Usa complaint is that all she does is make Usagi even more annoying (I do like Usagi) by doing what Rei-chan does. Who really needs more of that? (I realize this is not a new observation).

[How she is like the wingman in Star Fox 64]

  • They talk too much.
  • They can't take care of themselves.
  • They always require someone to save their hides from someone else.
  • They get in the way.
  • When you want them to be useless and dormant, they actaully do the oppisite and hence become more annoying (Remember the 6 missiles, and trying to get a medal with them around? Grrrr)
  • You can't kill them! (The scouts can't even hit chibi by mistake. One day Jupiter is going to just snap, and Chibi will be a toasted yam) -- Psiwryn

    She is utterly useless. How many times has Usagi had to save her sorry Cotton Candy Head hide? Do I need to make a list? Here's and example (a fairly large one at that) the DARK MOON FAMILY! I like Usagi. Usagi is great, but what got into her in the future to have such a spoiled little brat? Does Chibi-usa ever, and I mean EVER, thank Sailor Moon/Usagi for risking her life? NO! She just makes Usagi's life a living nightmare. Chibi-usa needs a severe attitude adjustment. -- Doris

    Well this takes a lot of thinking.. not, The Yam needs to be punished cuz d*mmet she stole my Christmas and Thanksgiving yam's! Painted them pink (a very ICKY fashion statement) then proceded to attach them to her head with super glue, which occasionaly wears off and she steals more of my yams.. yeesh, you think being a princess in the future would give her some money. -- Minako

    Three Words.. Chibiusa's Barney Song (You know what I'm talking about) -- Minako

    "She looks like she's from the circus!" -- Lily

    She was the cause of "Chibiusa's 7th Birthday", which is reason enough to hate her. --; --CodeMan

    She reminds you of a My lil pony/Care bears/Rainbow brite crossover.... --Sho

    She sounds like Pippy longstocking on acid.... and she looks like it too ;p --Sho

    She becomes, by far, the suckiest Black Moon member. --CodeMan

    Chibiusa is the missing Teletubbie --Doris