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When I was a child I loved to build models. It was a hobby my father go my brother interested in at a young age. It didn't take long for me to decide that I liked building models of airplanes and spaceships the best. My brother was a fan of building models of automobiles. Ironically, my dad always gave me cars and my bro airplanes. Nothing a straight across trade couldn't fix.

As I got older I stopped building models, not really for lack of interest, but a lack of time and space. Now that I'm older and have at least the space back that I need, I've started building models again. Gundam models being easily available doesn't hurt my interest in model building any either. I've started building again as a form of stress relief.

The first model I built was a 1 / 100 Sandrock that I trained to hold my phone messages.

The next model was a 1 / 144 Epyon. I didn't have the paints or brushes I needed to do it right. Never mind that I didn't really recall how to paint properly either. A lot of it came back to me while building this model. I used a dark gloss red and flat black for a majority of the model. The sword's color was a mix of gloss yellow and olive.

Next I decided to start working on a 1 / 100 Sandrock Custom. I was taking my good sweet time about building it, really wanting to do it right. I did the leg and arm line detailing using a 0 / 15 paintbrush and a lot of patience. Then Helen Fong clued me in that I could be using a fine tipped art pen instead and shave hours off of my model building time.

The way that my schedule works out, the weekends (and especially Sunday) are the best times for me to sit down and work. The weekends are also the best time for my friends to come visit me. My friends like to play video games as much as I do. Fortunately, I also like to watch video games being played. So, I decided to get in some extra model building practice by building chibi Gundams while I watched my friends play. (Thus I wouldn't ruin the models I was trying my best on when a vibrating controller happened to go off while I was painting ;)

This is the first chibi Gundam I built, another Epyon. (I really don't care about Epyon's that much to be honest. I'm a Sandrock fan myself). I used the same colors as the previous once except for the neon green paint that I had a battle with. Overall I'm pleased with how it turned out. The dark red paint is kind of a bugger to work with because it's sticky. I watched Austin beat Jet Grind Radio, The Bouncer (Kou), and Onimusha (0wnimusha - according to him) while building this model.

If you hadn't noticed yet, I haven't been using the included decals on the models. Honestly, I think it's easier to just paint what the decal is than to try to get it into place.

What good is an Epyon with a Wing Zero to challenge it? This is 3 inches of butt kicking mecha, lemme tell ya! The chibi Wing Zero didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped. Elf and Austin kept making me laugh. It'd hard to paint straight when you're laughing ;) Elf beat Zone of the Enders and Austin beat Onimusha (in the panda suit) while I was building this model.