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SaGa Frontier
by SquareSoft 1998 RPG T rated
1 Player 2 Blocks 1 Disc 140 hours (total)

Let me start by saying that I normally wouldn't do this. I dislike game spoilers and believe people should earn their own game endings, but...

SaGa is such a sub-par game that I don't feel a person should be neglected the ending just because the game sucks so much. I'll say now that most of these are not worth the pain a player goes through to get them. The graphics in most cases suck. I'll probably make them sound better than they are, which is likely for the better for those who will never see them. A bit of delusion never hurt anyone...

At least with this game.

So, this is your last warning. Once you've scrolled that last bit, you're on your own spoiler wise. I take no responsibility for ruining the game for you (if the game itself didn't ruin the experience for you..).



Curious, aren't you?

Welp, here it goes as well as I remember them...


Half Mystic Ending - After delivering the fatal blow to Orlouge and saving Gina, Asellus more or less snaps completely. The evil power of the Mystic blood flowing through her veins corrupts her totally. She declares herself the Lord of the Mystics and sets herself up in Orlouge's place. She takes Gina as her bride and as the first of the many women she will collect. The other Mystics in her court regret the loss of Orlouge since Asellus promises to be much worse...


After collecting the last magic, Blue is thrown into a fight to the death with his twin brother, Rouge. It doesn't matter who wins because Blue and Rough are really the same man. It was all basically one big mind f*ck intended to save the Magic Kingdom.


She catches up with Joker and delivers her revenge upon him for the murder of her boyfriend. Then returns to her normal life. That's the ending you get if you follow the Joker in the cave and fall into his trap. If you don't follow him, you'll find out that the Joker is really her boyfriend.


Lute returns home, where his ma is still calling him a lazy lout. Then some IPRO fellows show up wanting to recruit him for another mission... (Gads, their standards must be low to want him back o.o)


After getting the final ring from Virgil, it returns to its village to wish for Margmel to return to the beautiful land that it once was. Riki's friends begin disappearing because the clock has been turned back to grant its wish. Mei-ling turns into a psycho with the power of the rings corrupting her. Riki's party has to defeat her. Once that is done, everyone forgives her for almost killing them all (o_O; ) Riki decides that the rings are too powerful to possess and disposes of them everywhere. (Including giving one to Mei-ling, the fool!)


Honestly, I don't remember this one well. If I recall correctly, Alkarl returns to take the powers away from Red. (I don't remember if he does or not. See what an impression this had on me? ^^; )


After putting the pieces of its purpose together, T260G goes to stop the Doomsday Machine. It succeeds and all is well with the world (yay).

The Programmer's Room

After finishing all 7 quests you'll be teleported to the Cygnus. There, you'll get to speak with the 'programmers'. Some congratulate you on finishing the game, other's brag about what they've done. The one that got me was the one bragging that they'd gotten through SaGa's Q & A (quality assurance) in a month's time. Yeah, that was the sprite I wanted to throttle.

Exploring the ship teleports you to all sorts of different places including Yorkland and Junk. Many times you'll be thrown into battle as the sprite shows you one aspect or another of something they worked on. It gets rather annoying after the third or fourth time one of them does it to you. A couple sprites in the Scrap Pub will let you play with the game sounds.

Keep working your way towards to back of the ship. Once you get there, you'll encounter Virgil again. He'll give you some minor stats about your game performance. You'll also be able to re-fight the end bosses of each quest here with whatever party you had when you finished the last quest. This sort of really bites since you build your party for one type of battle and they don't do very well against the other ones.

In short, for all the work that went into it, I was very disappointed with this bonus room. The programmers shouldn't have been so ready to pat themselves on the back. Not when I was ready to throttle half of them for this crappy game...

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