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I finally got the DEX Drive I've wanted for so long (too bad it's rather late in the PSX life cycle ^^; ) Anyhow, I've made files of my better game saves. (Meaning the ones in which I'm more then an hour or two into the game).

DEX Drive files
Chocobo's Dungeon 2 11:40 Level 40
We're back in Cid's Tower trying to get to the top. I haven't fought the mid-tower boss yet.
Next stop: Mid-tower boss with Cid in his tank
Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Finish the last level of the first section. How do you beat the boss? o.o;
Next stop: Level 5, World 1
Final Fantasy VII 80:34 Disc 2
Diamond Weapon was just defeated. Haven't done Emerald or Ruby.
Next stop: Midgar
Final Fantasy VIII 84:12 Disc 4
Right outside Ultimecia's chamber, ready to kick butt and take names. The fighting party is Squall, Zell, and Quistis.
Next stop: Ultimecia
Final Fantasy IX 64:11 Disc 4
This is the last save point before the last two bosses in the game Trance Kuja and Necron.
Next stop: Trance Kuja
Final Fantasy Tactics 79:25 Chapter 3
Cloud just joined up. Got the Materia Blade
Next stop: Um, the orange spot on the map...
Front Mission 3 20:53 Emma
The party's bustin' in and taking names.
Next stop: Futai Tunnel
Jade Cocoon 10:16 Level 13
In the Nagi Village
Next stop: Second Beatle Forest
Kartia: The Word of Fate Lacryma Last Chapter
Win this battle and the game is finished.
Next stop: The Ending Credits
Kartia: The Word of Fate Toxa Last Chapter
Win this battle and the game is finished.
Next stop: The Ending Credits
Legend of Dragoon 24:57 Disc 2
Gotta go speak with the fishermen on the floating dock. They can help get the party through the cave that's between us and where ever we were going...
Next stop: I can't remember the name of the town --;
Legend of Mana 3:24 Level 11
Took Daena out and about.
Next stop: Um.. put down an artifact maybe?
LUNAR: SSSC 26:15 Level 37
The party is recently arrived on the Frontier.
Next stop: A few dungeons anyone?
LUNAR 2 3:37
Leave town and go to the next.
Next stop: Venturing onward...
Parasite Eve 6:34 Day 5
I explored the museum a bit until I decided to go back to the station and boost my weapons. This is the post-boosting file.
Next stop: The Museum
SaGa Frontier

All the characters (minus Riki) are at their boss fights. Riki's file is saved in the 'Secret Room' that you get for finishing the game. Finish the game with a different character and explore the room with them.
SaGa Frontier 2 6:34
Currently playing as Wil Knights.
Next stop: Grand Valley
Spyro the Dragon 36% World 3
World 1 was cleared out most of the way, but then I got lazy. The conditions for going to World 4 are met.
Next stop: World 4
Level 49
Gaining levels before taking on the Neclord.
Next stop: Neclord's castle
Suikoden 2 5:50 Level 17
I've finished off the Sindar Ruins, you just have to leave.
Next stop: Back to the Inn
Vagrant Story 1:59
I'm not very far into this one yet (and have some doubts as to whether I can get into it or not..).
Next stop: Hall of Dying Hope
Valkyrie Profile 7:58 Level 18
This file is in Easy mode, so you're not going to get the best ending. I've been mostly playing to get a feel for the game.
Next stop: Chapter 4, Period 9/16
Vanguard Bandits
20/56 Missions
The 'bad' ending to the game has been finished (oops).
Next stop: Start a new game and do better than I did :P
Wild ARMs
Level 50
I've been putzing around while gaining levels at the Ancient Arena.
Next stop: Ancient Arena game event
Wild ARMs 2 13:30 Level 19
Defend Valeria Chateau (that blasted alarm is driving me nuts!)
Next stop: Going in for the fight
Xenogears 12:53 Level 20
Recapture Aveh. We're in the middle of some thick story and then a dungeon that's been owning me for a while now. Have I ever mentioned how bad I am at jumping accurately?
Next stop: The dungeon that's owning me...

FMV screen shots from Final Fantasy 8:

  • Quistis - Disc 1 - 7 files
  • Selphie - Disc 1 - 5 files
  • Rinoa - Disc 1 - 36 files
  • Rinoa - Disc 2 - 12 files
  • Redshirt - In the FF8 demo, a generic SeeD fired the gun to save Squall's butt before it got cool and Quistis did the honors - 7 files

Some screen shots from Final Fantasy 4's Programmer's Room. Picture 00 is what you get when you read the PornoBook. 01-03 are from casting scan on one of the 'monster' programmers that randomly attack you.

This is my own little tribute to the Got Milk? campaign. I'll be adding more pictures once I capture them:

All materials on this page were made by yours truly. They are free use materials, meaning you can distribute them on your page if you're so inclined. If you wished to link this page in return for material, it'd be appreciated, though not required for use of materials. If you're a creative person and make a collague with the pictures or something equally cool, please send it to me ^^ Please don't email me with screen shot requests since my ability to make them is very limited.