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Wild ARMs
by Sony 1997 RPG K-A (T) rated
1 Player 1 Block 1 Disc Unknown

How to Escape Adelhyde Castle

This puzzle is frustrating. You have to run past the guards all the way out of the castle without getting caught. If you are caught, you're scolded and returned to Cecelia's room. There is one thing you can do that takes the task one notch down from impossible. Cecelia has the Pocket Watch tool. If you are caught, immediately use her watch and it will take you to the last doorway you went through (assuming you can get past the first leg of the jaunt). Using the watch, it's possible to inch your way to freedom room by room if you have to. (It's still frustrating though --; )

The Ancient Arena

There is a lot to be done here. The Ancient Arena is a lot like the battle arena in Final Fantasy 7 (pay to go into battle, fighting for prizes and glory). It will likely take a while until the characters are built up enough to win consistently here. The prizes at the lower levels of battle aren't anything to sniff at. Accepting the Apples and boosting your stats that way is always a nice plus. What I did a lot was to fight the first two battles, then give up. The prize for that level included four Secret Signs. I reduced that cost of the Fast Draw that I used most often (Magnum Fang and Heal Blade) to 1 MP. This is a tedious way to do it, but it works.

During my time at the Ancient Arena, I used the money I won to do a couple of things. First was to donate a large chunk to the Adelhyde rebuilding committee. They'll milk you like a cow, but the rewards once the city is rebuilt are worth it. I also used the prize money to boost up Rudy's ARMs. Rocket Launcher is surprisingly powerfully when fully boosted. Wild Bunch is also pretty good, though it has that nasty hit percentage. In short, there is a lot to be done at the Arena once you get there. Plan on spending some time there.