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I didn't used to like Sailormoon as much as I do. It all started when I had to get up at 6am for my early bird 7:15am chemistry class. I'm one of those people that hate to wake up in the morning. So, I'd flip on tv and whoa there was something cool on to watch. So, Sailormoon can take the credit for getting my lazy butt outta bed for 2 years (yes, chemistry II at the same evil time).

Watching the North American Sailormoon, Amy (Ami) was my favorite character. She's smart, and, um, I can't remember why all I liked her, but I did. Well, DiC took it off the air. I was mad for about 2 weeks and got over it.

Then I came to college (famous last words ;) I met Blitz (which is a different, yet amusing, story). He was into Sailormoon also. We would go surfing for Sailormoon stuff on the net since all we knew then was the DiC version. Well, we came across these characters that we knew nothing about (the Outers). He was stuck on learning more about Saturn and I wanted to know who that 'guy' was. (The specific picture we had seen is the one here from the SuperS movie with all of them at the end of opening). He argued it was a girl. So I asked, "Why is she dressed like a guy then?" That was my first encounter with Haruka.

My second encounter with Haruka came not long after that, though I didn't realize it at the time. Blitz had raided Siggy's for avi's of Saturn. He had downloaded this one that had Usagi (it took me a while to accept that name, BTW) running up to a fence, screaming, a guy coming up behind her and her crying into his shirt. We wondered, 'Who da hell is that guy?!' (If you haven't guessed, it's the part in Stars where Usagi misses Michiru's concert and Haruka finds her later on). It was funny when we realized our mistake, but any ways...

It took a while with having to weed through the information on them, but I finally got a loose outline for who they were. My best introduction to them was Tim Nolan's "Awakenings 2." (An awesome story, IMO :) After reading that, my efforts were doubled. I wanted to know Haruka and Michiru.

So, that kinda brings us to today. I feel that I've accomplished my goal of getting to know them as characters. I admit that I have a lot more to learn, but I enjoy the challenge. Haruka and Michiru are easily my favorite characters. Maybe I'll get around to putting up a page as to why, but I'm lazy, writing a fic is enough. I also like Mako-chan (Jup-ter!) with Chibi-Usa being my least favorite.

For those people who follow MoonieCode, here's mine:

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