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This page is my page of useless information. Stuff you probably don't care about, but might find amusing. The idea behind it is to be a sort of 'snapshot' of what I'm up to at the time. My blogger can be found here.

April 4th, 2002
12:40 Pacific Time (local)
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Sowing the SeeDs
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SaGa Frontier II
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Read or Die
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Chao from SA2 - Centered
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Morning Musume

And for the stalker in all of us, here are the files for my current theme without sounds. The sounds are here. Note that it's not all set up nice like a Windows theme is. That's because I'm using LiteStep as my shell. What is LiteStep? It's an AfterStep shell for the Win9x platform. If that makes any sense to you, I would recommend checking it out. Curious as to what it looks like? Click here.