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If you haven't guessed the theme of this page yet, it's a list of pages I go when bored/procrastinating. These are tried and true methods of wasting time! If you're trying to avoid doing something, I'd encourage you to explore the sites on this list.

The Onion
The Onion is a joke newspaper along the lines as the Enquirer only funnier. A disadvantage to this site is that the fun often comes at the expense of someone else, so readers might take offense at some of it. It also isn't intended for younger readers.
I love role playing games and this a great page for getting info on oldies-but-goodies to the lastest. They offer midis, fanart, packaging info, FAQs, reviews, and more. Whenever I'm stuck, this is the place I go first.
The Darwin Awards
Reflecting a bit upon my morbid side are the Darwin Awards. This award is given to "individuals who have given their all in an effort to improve our gene pool." In other words, stupid ways that people have died. You just can't help but shake your head a most of these.
This page of full of entertaining ways to waste time. Personal favorites are the dialect engine (that allows you to convert your webpage into Hick, etc.) and the Book-a-Minute. (The summary for the Odyssey is great). Be sure to set aside a lot of time for this page, or plan on many visits because it's huge.