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In the rat race to see which fanfic author gets the cheese there are many enteries with few standing out as worth the read. This is my highly personal list of Haruka and/or Michiru fanfics that I think are worth the effort it takes to go find 'em, download 'em, open 'em, and read 'em. (I make that sound complicated, don't I?)

I have not read every H&M fic out there.. only about 90% of them. There are also some very good fanfics out there that include H&M in them, but are not strictly H&M. I left those out since they tend to be lengthy fics (*cough* Nolan *cough* Wolfe). If you think I've missed a truly exceptional fic, feel free to email me. I may have, but don't be disappointed if I write back and say that I didn't ^^; (fair enough, eh?)

Fanfics that can be found at A Sailor Moon Romance.

Moon Revenge by LeVar Bouyer

I've written about this one on my rantings about fanfics page. Lemme hit it again. The basic story line is what if Uranus and Neptune took a heart crystal of someone close to them and didn't return it before the person died? (This is set during the S season, obviously). This is a darker story (a trend that you'll notice is a lot of the fics here are darker or don't have a happy ending).

Pain: The Lovers by Jon Carp

Another series I've written about. Carp is known for his interesting portrayals of the senshi. Some might not like this story because it involved death and the resulting insanity of Haruka... but it does have a happy ending! The story demonstrates how their love for each other couldn't be stopped, even by the grave.

Outer Senshi Series by Jackie Chiang

The Outer Senshi Series is a collection of stories. It isn't a series as in part 1, 2, 3, etc. Let me talk about the specific stories that I like and why:

Living and Dying: This story isn't for the faint of heart. It involves a mentally disturbed Michiru and a relationship gone bad after the death of Hotaru. It moved me to say the least, powerful, heart wrenching, nearly frustrating for the reader. If you like to feel while reading a story, this is a must read.

Memories: From Haruka's point of view. She had lost Michiru a year earlier and is still living in the past somewhat. The draw of this story for me was the romantic background Jackie builds between them, and then contrasts it to the loss Haruka is feeling. I almost cried while reading this one. Another powerful piece.

Love Me Again: This one takes place in the future, where Uranus and Neptune have drifted apart (to put it mildly). Uranus is sent into the past to correct some stupid mistakes she made the first time around in regards to Michiru. This story also has a bit of the 'aggrivation' factor in it (ie: you want to slap Haruka upside the head for being so stupid). Humor is sprinkled in with this story. One of my favorite scenes from fanfiction is in this story when Haruka is off-handedly discussing mentral periods with Pluto ^^;

Reflections of Love 1 & 2: Pretty much the same story told from the point of view of Michiru and Haruka. It's about them getting together and is one of those mushy falling in love stories. (I have a soft heart, byte me if you don't like it :P )

After the Storm by Elisabeth Hegerat

The first thing you will notice about this story is how well written it is. Words are used to their fullest effect by Elisabeth to tell a tragic tale from Haruka's past. The only real downside to this fic is that it's a short ride.

Salt Water by Steven Mallory

This is another story that makes excellent use of the language. I have only two very minor qualms with this story. The first being that it paints a portrait of Haruka that I'm not quite convenced is her. The second being that the story is currently at a cliff hanger and I am waiting with the proverbial baited breath for the next part to come out!

Chasm by Renee Markowicz

To be honest, this fanfic didn't hit all the buttons with me that the other ones listed did. I have it listed here because I do think the author has potential. I'm keeping my eye out. The story itself has Haruka involved in an accident that causes her to lose her memory and Michiru's resulting struggle to get her lover back. (Especially when faced with Haruka's family, who doesn't approve of the relationship). It's an interesting read.

Awakening, part 2 by Tim Nolan

This list wouldn't be complete without including my hero of Sailormoon fanfiction, Tim Nolan. This was the first Haruka and Michiru story I read and is a 'classic' amongst the genre. The story takes place early/pre S season when Haruka discovers she is Uranus. I really like this story because it skillfully ties together all the pieces that I think should be included in a story: an engaging plot, character development, vivid imagary, and still have its moments of humor.

Outer Senshi Trilogy by Tim Nolan

This trilogy is based solely on the manga continuity. Each story focuses on a specific time that was significant to the Outers. The first story, Aftermath, takes place during the silver millenum. The second one, Intermezzo, happens during the current day with Advent happening during the days of Neo Queen Serenity.

Intermezzo: Of the three stories, this is my favorite one. The character interactions leave a quiver in my stomach as Tim portrays the Outer's lives post-S season where they must learn to live as 'normal' people instead of warriors. Hotaru is downright cute.. :)

The Kaioh family comes for a visit? by Ilana Tavan

Sometimes, the best fanfics take place during the span of an evening. The Kaioh family visits Michiru, who is living with her lover Haruka (a fact they are unaware of). This story is sweet with its moments of humor.

Violin and... Guitars? by Ilana Tavan

This is another story by Ilana that takes place within a narrow time frame. Specifically, when Seiya was about to unzip Michiru's dress and Haruka walks in during Stars. The story is written from Haruka's point of view and gives a good portrayel of what's going on in her head.

Duo: Haruka and Michiru by Celia Stingray

This is a well written introduction for Haruka and Michiru to enter the Ace storyline she created. It was one of the motivating fanfics for Tim Nolan (just thought I'd throw that in there ;) The downside to this story is that the series is officially discontinued and will never be finished. Don't let that discourage you from reading this first part.

Confession 1 & 2 by Michie

Each of these stories is told from the point of view of one or the other. Though, not of the same event. They are two different tellings of Haruka and Michiru confessing their love to the other. I liked the word usage and imagary that is used in these two fics. Plus they are sweet (the romantic in me takes over.. )

Anniversary 6 by Tim Nolan

The Anniversary series itself is lemon, but this part is not. There are some suggestive scenes, but nothing that you can't find on television nowadays. The story has Haruka and Michiru in Italy during Usagi's anniversary (which is better explained in the other parts of the series). Haruka is coping with haunting memories from the Eudial battle in the S season. What can I say? This is another gem.

Available at this site.

The Hardest Step by Ysabet

In the story, Haruka and Michiru are leading 'normal' lives at a new school. The story is told from Michiru's point of view. Ysabet introduces some interesting ideas in regards to Michiru's perceptive tendancies that leaves me wanting for more.