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During a recent trip to the RAAC archive I was reminded of something I had often been meaning to do with this page but had never gotten around to it. I had always wanted to post some of the earlier fics that I read and enjoyed.

I began reading fanfics during my senior year of high school. I was still new to anime and a friend of mind had told me about archives on the net that were full of stories about the characters I'd seen in the tapes I'd rented from Blockbuster. So, I begged him to give me some fanfics on disk so that I could take them home and read them. (I didn't have internet access at that time).

The title of the very first fanfic I read totally eludes me (as does much of the plot). The most I remember of it was it being a Ranma story and that it was a dark fic according to the author. Part of the reason I probably don't remember it is because I had no clue what Ranma was when I had read the story.

The second fanfic I read was Daigakusei no Ranma, which I have yet to finish ^^;

I'd lost interest in anime and fanfiction for a while and then had it reintroducted to me when I went to college. Early exposure anime wise was Ah! My Goddess, Tenchi Muyo, and Ranma among others. I especially enjoyed AMG. Rummaging through my stuff I found the disk with Daigakusei no Ranma on it and decided that perhaps there were AMG stories on the net as well.

That's when I had encountered Brett Handy's works. His Oh! My God!! stories lit up my imagination as to what the world of fanfic had to offer. Other AMG fics that I enjoyed where Aa! Megami-sensei and The Many Shades of Urd. The former is a well done AMG and Ranma crossover while the later is an interesting character sketch of Urd.

I then stumbled upon A Sailor Moon Romance. (These were still pre-Hui admin days). Admittedly, I downloaded most all of the archive over a couple nights time and read a large chuck of what was offered. Only a few stories stand out in my mind. Mako-chan's Happy Ending helped bring closure to a loose end in Mako-chan's life, IMO. It's one of those stories that will always have a soft spot in my heart.

The most influential of the fics that I'd gleaned from Romance was Tim Nolan's Awakening 1 and Awakening 2. Awakening 1 didn't hold much interest for me since I'd never been a major Minako fan. Awakening 2 was like being hit by a lightning bolt. I literally couldn't pull myself away from the monitor. I was still learning about the Outer Senshi when I encountered Awakening 2. It was my introduction to them and I don't think I could have gotten a better one.

I recall ranting on to Blitz for days after reading Tim's story. I'm sure Blitz had to urge to whap me repeatedly just to get me to shut up, but he's too polite for that ;)

So those were my early days of reading fanfics. Spiffy, ne? I shall continue my ranting, since this is my favorite fics page and I want to point out why these fics deserve a reading, IMHBBO -- In my humble, but biased opinion.

LeVar Bouyer

In my attempt to do this in alphabetical order I'll begin with LeVar Bouyer's Moon Revenge. It certainly meets my first bias of being a Haruka and Michiru fic. (You didn't expect to get far into any fic archive I set up without ramming into that bias, did you?) LeVar presents a chilling view of the Talisman situation that Uranus and Neptune faced during the first half of the S season.

I like this story because of the depth of it. LeVar doesn't pull any punches by glossing over the decision to kill innocents to get the Talismans. I don't want to give anything away, but what if they killed someone, didn't get a Talisman for it, and it was someone close to them? Go read the story.. if for no other reason then to figure out who I'm referring to.

The latest story of his that I've added (though it certainly isn't a new story) is Sailor Orion. This story combines several elements that usually don't go well together, but comes out like a rose. LeVar portrays a 30th century Tokyo where there are a few more Senshi then there are today (say, about 200 more). The main character for the series is Sailor Orion. The 9 Senshi given to us by Takeuchi play a minor role at best, but don't let this discourage you from reading the series! And don't let the size discourage you either. Each part is about 20k, so it's in nice bite sized chunks for your reading pleasure.

Jon Carp

Carp is next! And I must say, I have to respect anyone that can.. what's a good phrase..? meddle with the mentalities of the Senshi and make an interesting story of it. There are so many ways to describe the hell the Senshi go through, but damn they are good stories!

The first story of his that I'd read was Secondary Characters: Heaven. I was laughing my butt off through it ^^; I especially liked Setsuna's wish at the end of that chapter. Secondary Characters has been described as making Pluto out to be the most pathetic Senshi. < nods > Yep, that works. ^^;

Pain: The Lovers is a Haruka and Michiru story. In this story Haruka is plunged into her own lil hell while Michiru is dead in Hell :P Keeping to his style, the story twists around the mentality and will of the characters in interesting ways that make for some good reading!

Jackie Chiang

I'll set aside personal biases towards Jackie Chiang for this part. She was another author that I was reading early on in my fic reading career ^^; The first story of hers that I read was Senshi Kurai. I enjoyed the (at times) sarcastic humor that was sprinkled in this story. Part 10 stands out most in my mind because of the battle and resulting henshin scenes. (Read it, you'll see why I was ROTFL ;)

I also enjoy her Outer Senshi Series for several reasons. Okay, biased opinion, but as they progress you can tell where she is steadily improving with practice. This really encourages me to expect more great fics from her as she grows.

Back to the stories. Personal favorites of mine are Love me Again (I love the scene where Haruka and Pluto discuss menstrual periods ^^;), Memories (Oh! A character driven story! Yet another bias of mine..), and Living and Dying (This story is depressing, yet still has hope in it. I was very moved.) Overall, the OSS are dark stories, but there are (almost) always bits of hope and humor to keep them from being too depressing.

Sean Gaffney & Jeffrey Hosmer

Trials and Errors is the first entery I've had for co-authors. I'm afraid that I can't offer a play by play on who offered what to the mix since I'm not that familiar with either of their styles. What I can say is that the resulting story is an interesting twist on the idea of Pluto. Did you know that there is more than one, that they have their own version of Club Med, and play politics well enough to earn them a spot in Washington, DC? Oh, the tangled webs they weave! Read the results in this no-holds-bar Pluto-fest.

Brett Handy

Oh! My God! by Brett Handy has had a lot of influence upon my own fan fic writings. The most noticeable thing being that both Oh! My God! and College Life are self-inclusion stories. Brett does self-inclusion right! (Of course, he does end up as a god in the story, but that's the main storyline, so it's okay ^^;)

I like his stories because they are clever and funny as hell at points. I remember once how some people had come barging into my room when they had heard me laughing from the hall.

Too Good to be True is the second in the series headed by Oh! My God!. It is a Ranma and Ah! My Goddess crossover that works well. Hazards of Divinity continues the series into the world of El Hazard.

Sometimes I've wondered how I ended up a Sailormoon writer when so much of my early reading and influences were Ah! My Goddess and Ranma ^^;

Elisabeth Hegerat

I first read After the Storm when I'd read a post to A.F.S-M comparing Distant to After the Storm. Elisabeth's writing is poetic in places, making this an interesting read regardless of the subject matter. This fic is on the short side, but that doesn't distract from her making her points. If you're a Haruka fan you should definitely read this story.

Elisabeth doesn't release many fanfics, but when she does put one out, they are dooseys. Child O' Mine is a story focused around Pluto (though it may not seem that way at first). It's a look at one of those ironic/tradegy situations where you totally sympatize with the position of the main character.

James Helferty

A True Friend is a fairly short story, but it doesn't need to be long. The end of it made me stop and think. It's not something you would normally expect of Sailormoon fanfiction. The main characters are Rei and Serena (yes, he did mix North American and Japanese names some ^^;)

His Lordship Chaos

I don't think anything I could say would do justice to Curse of the Fanboys!. It's a fanfic that holds the same cult-like charms as The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The story begins when a group of fanboys are teleported to Tokyo in the Sailor Moon universe. The fanboys recognize their surroundings and realize the possibilities of living out every fanboy's dream.. to chase the Sailor Senshi around, asking for dates.

The story progresses from there, proudly breaking just about every fanfic convention you can think of. (Including formatting, but His Lordship is getting better about that ;) The story includes self-insertion, a rampant hentai that will not be sedated, more cross-overs than Davies has managed. (Don't let that keep you from reading the story, you just might not catch all the references). His cross-overing isn't limited to just anime series, he also pops up in the College Life universe from time to time to try to steal the lake god. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyways) this fanfic is insane, and definitely fun to read.


JetWolf's Mako-chan's Happy Ending was one of the earlier fics that I read Sailormoon-wise. It also presented some ideas to me that I think I'm still trying to get into my head. It's a 'what if?' story that does a wonderful job of showing the various directions that Mako-chan's life could have gone in. (Besides, I like Mako-chan, chalk up a 3rd bias).

It also reminds me of a bit of country wisdom. If wishes were horses, we'd all be up to our hips in sh*t.. ^_-

Gideon Marcus

Want an original look at how Pluto got her start? Then Winterborn is the fic for you. This is the first fanfic Gideon has written and I'm quite impressed (to say the least). He paints a vivid landscape as a backdrop for the character interactions, giving your a feel for their surroundings. The story itself has changed how I view Pluto, removing some of the enigma to replace it with a very real young woman.

Phillip Master

The first story of his that I had read was Love's Boundaries 1. This story is different for several reasons. The first being that it's a Here is Greenwood/Ranma crossover and I'd never read a Greenwood fic before. The next thing that will grab a hold of you is the direction Shun and Kazuya's friendship has gone. I don't want to give it away, but there is someone who would like to visit the Spring of Drowned Girl ^_-

Addiction is a Sailormoon story that focuses on Luna. (The kitties don't get enough fics dedicated to them!)


Michie's stories reflect the more romantic part of my fic reading preferences. All of her stories posted here are romances focusing on HarukaandMichiru. Confessions 1 & 2 aren't really mirror stories the way Tim Nolan's Awakening 1 & 2 are. But the two stories do mirror somewhat when it comes to the same ideas from each woman's point of view.

The Gift and Resistance is Futile are also romances featuring HarukaandMichiru. The titles are very fitting to the stories themselves.

Michie has a poetic way of saying things. At least her writing style seems to be somewhat flowing or prose like to me ^^; It's quite different from most everything else I've read. The only fic that also has the almost proselike feel to it is After the Storm.


Club Anipike was quite a surprise for me. First in that he wanted to cross-over some into College Life, but his idea for doing it is ingenious. Fanfics are just like acting jobs for anime characters. At the end of a long day, they need a place to wind down and Club Anipike is that place. There, characters from all walks of anime gather, along with self-inserted character, mist-ers, and other noteables. The story gives readers a sort of 'behind the scenes' look at fanfics that is funny and questioning who really is writing the fanfics? ^^;

Tim Nolan

Wow, where to begin? Awakening 1 & 2 is always a good place. Awakening 1 dives into the story of Minako during her Sailor V days while Awakening 2 parallels it with the telling of Haruka and Michiru becoming Senshi. I've gone on and on about how Awakening 2 has influenced my view of the Sailormoon universe and my writing, so I'll go on to his other stories.

He continues the story with Obligations and The End of the Beginning. Both of these stories are massive outputs with each being a couple hundred pages in length. Every page is well worth it. I read a lot of stories and feel nothing, but if you make it all the way through these two stories and feel nothing, you're messed up somewhere. Both of these stories (especially The End of the Beginning) are very emotionally charged. Favorite points of mine are the end of Obligations (dramatic with a glimmer of hope) and a good number of the character interaction scenes in End of the Beginning (ie, the prologue with Mamoru and the scene with Rei, Usagi, Michiru, and Haruka in the bathing room, etc.)

Aftermath, Intermezzo, and Advent are a trio of stories he did based solely off of the manga plotline and focusing on the Outer Senshi. Aftermath takes place during the Silver Millennium. Intermezzo is during the current day and probably has the most ties to the manga. Advent is during the reign of Neo Queen Serenity, and is an interesting look at how the transistion is made from current time to future.

Free Will is a Ranma story that focuses on Kasumi and Ranma. Foregoing his own dislike of crossovers, Tim has tried his hand at one with his newest fic The Day A Train Fell From The Sky. As a crossover it works well. Unfortunately, my extreme dislike of Matsumoto's works keeps me from saying much else. I'm certain that if I mutually enjoyed Sailor Moon and Galaxy Express 999, this would be right up my alley.

Haruka Tenoh

I think I'd have to call With or Without You a romantic fic with a darker edge to it. It is a Haruka and Michiru story. In the story, Michiru dies and Haruka is left to cope with the lose. The theme has been done several times by various authors, but this one rates as one of my favorite goes at it.

Peter Ward

Aa! Megami-sensei is a story that I have always wanted to add to this page. It is a Ranma and Ah! My Goddess crossover that will leave you in stitches. I mean, any story that has Urd as a chemisty teacher at Furinkan High has got to be funny. And Urd versus Happosai.. seductive goddess versus old pervert.. it just isn't a fair fight.. < grin >


Ysabet has been one of those author's that keeps to the relative shadows and has only recently been making her presenance in the Sailormoon community known. Let me pull her out of the shadows a bit more for you. She's written many Sailormoon poems. My favorite of her poems is the Michiru one, though it seems a bit ackward at the end. She's also done/working on a pair of Haruka and Michiru stories. The one from Michiru's point of view is The Hardest Step.

Answering the Call is her latest fanfic effort. This story focuses on Saturn (woohoo! about time she got some decent ficage!) during the Silver Minnennium. It is a character sketch of sorts, but still has a underlying plot/story. Ysabet's writing definitely reflects her background of poetry with her detailed descriptions and varied word choice.