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Elaine Cardenas

Luck was running my way the day Elaine first emailed me. She's easily become one of my favorite fan artist. I'd like to consider myself as one of her biggest fans. What makes her work so amazing? How about the fact that she does a majority of it in Windows Paintbrush? Even more amazing is the fact that she's a southpaw doing her works right-handed.

Elaine's work has turned up in other places besides this humble page. She's worked on the Eva-R project. And in the June issue of The Official US Playstation Magazine one of her pictures was printed.

The work of hers that amazes me the most (and makes me quite proud) is our co-work in creating Lost Dreams. It began innocently enough when she sent me some sketches and asked me if I could write a story around them. I got some ideas from her about the general direction of the story, then began writing. I'm honored that she asked me to help out with her project. It's been a joy working with her.