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03.21.03 - 20:22

I've posted the last 4 parts of College Life. Please enjoy.

04.04.02 - 12:50

This is a pretty mellow update until I figure out what I want to do with this page. I'm thinking about getting it setup to be static, which it has been for the last year [guilty look]. I'm not sure yet. I'm almost finished with my Final Fantasy 8 project, which has been eating up most of my creative time. If you hadn't explored that far, I do better at updating my other site Centra Garden more often than once a year. My blogger is updated nearly every day.

15.04.01 - 15:16

This isn't an update to my homepage so much as to announce the update to another page. Centra Garden is now up. What will you find there? My latest fic "Sowing the SeeDs". I'll be posting a mirror of the files here in the next couple days if I don't get to it tonight. Please check Centra Garden out!

9.4.01 - 22:43

Once upon a time there was a Bean, an Elf, and a Quandarous man who believed that nothing is sacred. They all lived peacefully in a magical land called Tyrlen. Then one day the gods above who watched over the realm of Tyrlen saw that all was not well. Their solution, while effective, was less than convienant for the land's inhabitants. The result was that everyone lost access to their houses.

Being the Governor of Tyrlen, the Elf was able to quickly regain access to his home. He then went next door to Quandry's house and unlocked it for him. Unfortunately, unlocking the Bean's home proved to be more of a challenge because she lived on the other side of the realm from the Elf. Since they didn't see each other that often, the Elf couldn't get her back in.

In the meantime many adventures happened to the Bean. On the day of Saint Patrick she got into a nasty brawl with a bottle of disagreeable paint. After exchanging blows and making a terrible mess of things the paint gave its life in a final attack. The Bean's favorite pair of cargo pants were ruined as a result. Even more embarrassing was that her knee was turned a bright green in color.

Despite this minor diplomatic snafu, she continued working with the other members of the paint clan to create something great. They all had a fabulous time while constructing guardians to the Bean's living space in another world. It was a place she was called to often, thus slowing down her progress on other things.

During the contruction of the guardians the Bean waged a holy war against an army of mice. It's a long and costly battle that still rages on today. She also occupied herself with preparations for launch of a grand writing project.

Though she was still conducting her adventures the Bean realized that she needed to regain access to her home. She sent a message to the Elf via a semi-reliable courier. He reminded her that she had the knowledge needed to open up her home, she just had to do it. Alas, the Bean did have to knowledge, but she could not recall the location of the sacred shrine where such rites must take place. The Elf gave the Bean a map to guide her to the shrine.

After conducting the rite the Bean has access to her home again. Hopefully the gods won't play such a prank on the inhabitants of Tyrlen again.