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Review by Kristyn Lier and Amanda Anderson. First posted to Alt.Fan.Sailor-Moon in December, 1998.

Title: The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book
By: Mark C MacKinnon
Published by: Guardians of Order
Price: $24.95 US, $34.95 Canada
Content: 200 pages including 14 full color inserts

The cover has the same picture on it as the MEAD binders. It explains how to go through a full role playing game, but we are not going to review that part. The first chapter is an introduction giving a background to the Sailor Moon story. They do full summaries of the first two seasons (and sorta skip the rest since DiC only did the first two).

K-chan: They have "Sailor Moon Says..." throughout the book, which are tips for better role playing (not that I know how to role play :P)
Beans: But I do :P

The most interesting thing in the first chapter is the last page, which has height comparison charts for all the major characters in first season. Note that there are no given heights, but they are given later in the individual character summaries.

The second chapter is about character creation. A lot of it is just your basic character creation stuff, but there are some "cute" pics ^_- (notice the ones on page 28 & 53).

K-chan: O_o Stuff?? that sure tells the reader a lot :P

In the character creations when they are describing character attributes, Beans found some of the examples in the gray boxes to be amusing. "Example: Sailor Moon is not particularly intelligent and her grades certainly reflect this."

K-chan: And they list Mako-chan as talented ^_-
Beans: No, they don't :P
K-chan: :P~~

The next section (but not the next chapter) is individual character reviews so if you want to play a certain character (senshi or villain) their stats and abilities are already laid out. The profiles have the basic food, blood type, goals, blah blah blah.. But the interesting one is that they give specific heights for every character.

Beans: According to the book, Haruka is only an inch taller then me ^_^! While Michiru is the same height as K-chan ^^ (or one inch shorter)

All of the Inner senshi get a full two pages dedicated to them with the second page being a list of their transformations, items of power, and attacks. (This information could already been found at The Sailor Senshi Page [and probably was]).

Note: Permission was given on the behalf of Jackie for the use of information found on her site, which is later listed in the back along with other Sailor Moon links. Alt.Fan.Sailor-Moon was the first newsgroup listed under the newsgroup list. (Though the address printed is incorrect).

Tuxedo Kamen and the cats share two pages.

THEN, the Outer senshi, all four of them, share TWO pages with small type (yes, smaller than the type used for the Inners). Obviously not as much detail was given about them (note sarcasm dripping off walls) but we were glad to see that were included ^_^

The Starlights share the next two pages and have even less information about them, including a rather large picture of them ([g] filler, anyone?) at the bottom of the second page (it takes up a good 2/3 of the page). But it must be noted that there isn't much information on them to begin with.

Each villain gets one page.

K-chan: More than the Outers. Why I do NOT know >_<

Their English names are listed first with their Japanese names in () beside them. There is also a nifty chart listing rainbow crystals, who had them, what color, shadow warrior, and who got the crystal.

NOW, about Zoicite. To quote the second sentence: "In the original Japanese series, Zoycite (note the English spelling) is a male, but in the North American English translation he is rewritten as a female."

K-chan: [g] As if any chic could ever be that untalented ;)

Then, the fourth sentence begins: "Her mission is to..." It then goes on to refer to Zoicite as "she" for the rest of his profile, the above being the only noted acknowledgement of him being a him.

K-chan: o_o?!! Wha- wait a sec here folks. Unless he got something chopped off, she is supposed to be a he.

We're not going to go off on this (too much) because we realize this book was written and geared towards the North American dub audience. But it would be nice to have a Japanese-based book in English [casts pleading eyes Naoko-san's way].

The bad guy character summaries continue through the whole R series. Included in them are Wicked Lady and [much to no one's surprise but Phoenix-san's ;)] Rini's, which is the page before Wicked Lady's.

Beans: I told you so! I TOLD YOU SO!!!

Next up are the color inserts. All of the pics are from the anime with the Inners having full-page pics dedicated to them. The four generals are pictured on one page. There is a page full of Wicked Lady pics and the only Outer pictured is Pluto.

K-chan & Beans: :~~( No Outers.... [glare!] Where are HarukaMichiru damnit!! Why else do you think we bought the book ;P

Supporting characters, such as Serena's family and Molly (the Negaverse attracter), get short profiles that make up three pages. Included in the last page is Chibi-Chibi.

K-chan: Much as I love the cute little pink one ^^ (note that I am NOT talking about Rini) why the heck did they include her and NOT the greatest of them all - HarukaMichiru?!! damnit, us HarukaMichiru otakus want to know.

Chapter 3 is game mechanics (which Beans hasn't read through yet). If anyone is serious about getting into playing the game, Beans will read through this chapter and do a review of it, too.

Chapter 4 is role playing in the Sailor Moon universe. The first two pages are on Japan and Tokyo while the second page is solely maps (nice ^_^). There is a list of locations that appear in the first two seasons. It also lists what episode the location was in.

Beans: For those of you familiar with the BGC role playing books, it's much the same thing with having places listed and a brief description of the significance.

Next up is a timeline for Sailor Moon that also lists years of birth for the senshi.

Beans & K-chan: [in a taunting chant] We're older then the Outers :P We're older then the Outers :P ...... Would you believe Pluto is only 23? O_o uh... okaaay.. don't believe everything you read, folks.

They breakdown to the month that various episodes occurred in. We just happened to notice that they TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY SKIPPED the last 3 seasons.

K-chan: o_o! ..... *thud* x_x
Beans: We can only hope that they will do an expansion guide at some point like was done for the BubbleGum Crisis RPGs.

There is a nice full page pic of Queen Serenity on page 137 (too bad it's not in color :( ) They then go on to talk about the Moon Kingdom and the Negaverse. The information appears to be pretty solid in that they doesn't try to expound on what isn't already established by Naoko Takeuchi. (IOW: no fanfic stuff). They also cover the planet of Makaiju which was Ail & Ann's home, and also Crystal Tokyo.

The next section is a description of Real Life school life in Japan. The credit goes to the original author. URLs are given for learning more since her long essay was condensed for the book.

Beans: I found this to be interesting ^_^

Chapter 5 is the Game Masters Section (which is the section for the person running the game).

K-chan: This page contains probably the most redeeming item in the whole book - a way phat HarukaMichiru pic of them cruising down the strip [well, somewhere near an ocean as that is the background] in Haruka's car. ^_^

Beans: Once again, I'm not going to go into this section in detail unless there is enough interest or someone wants to email me and discuss it one on one.

Chapter 6 is titled "Sailor Moon Adventures" which are scenarios for the game masters to run. The same note as above applies to this chapter as well.

Chapter 7 is resources and references. Each episode is awarded one good sized paragraph with three titles listed for each episode. The first is the English, second the Japanese, and third is the Japanese title translated. It also notes the important events in that episode. A nice plus is that they cover the episodes that DiC skipped.

The rest of the chapter is made up of pure fanboy stuff. First is a listing of Naoko's work and their release date. Next up is mythology behind/found in Sailor Moon followed by information on Japanese pronunciation and spelling variances.

Beans: Enough of arguin' about the "ou" or "oh" crap already. they're all legit.

There is a nice chart with their names, kanji meanings, literal translations, and any notes about the name. They also have attack translations for the Inner senshi, listing the DiC attacks followed by the correct Japanese names. The next chart covers crystals and minerals in Sailor Moon, which is truly showing fanboy obsession. A complete Youma, Cardian, and Droid list that has the English episode, then Japanese, the Japanese name for them and their English name also.

Beans: Gotta give those minor characters some recognition ^_^
K-chan: They gotta make a living somehow ;P

The next couple pages list online resources which such noted ones as AFSM and The Sailor Senshi Sailor Moon page. The next page is a Seiyuu page that lists both the original Japanese seiyuu and the American voice actor.

K-chan: Woohoo! Let us all bow down and worship the coolness that is Ogata Megumi! ^_^

A neat little plus is a romanization and translation of Moonlight Densetsu ^^ There is an index and character sheet.

Beans: Which I remind you all to photocopy and use instead of writing on the one in the book. Those are templates, after all ^^

Okay, that's the book cover to cover. We must now go watch some Sailormoon S to purge ourselves to the dub names ;P