!#ed 2 Tenetive story description: [sub plot] Michiru's birthday is coming up. Various geeks want to insure it's a good one. [main plot] Michiru discovers a geek who just doesn't fit in with the rest (poor grades, no interest, etc). Upon further exploration, Michiru discovers that he has quite a bit of talent in the creative arts.
CLSB College Life: Spring Break, written with Tim Nolan. Spring break at the beach.
CL:OT 3 College Life: Omake Theatre 3 -- Midterm Report. Beans faces the challenges of getting a report done when fate is against her.
CL:OT ? College Life: Omake Theatre ? -- Final Fantasy. Learn Uranus and Neptune's true motives for wanting to preserve Beans when Crystal Tokyo raises...
Finale The last part of College Life. Needs serious revisions made to it since things have happened that effect this part. Gives a rough idea of where the series is going to end.

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