You brush your hair back testily as you wait for the event you are witnessing to happen. Your partner, Sailor Neptune waits besides you. Her casual demeanor belies the seriousness of the situation happening on the ground below you.

It is a pleasant summer day. The birds are singing their joyful song, flowers are in bloom, all is peaceful. Except for the attack that you are witnessing. You do nothing to interfere with this wrong doing. In fact, you wish it to proceed with more haste.

"Hurry up," you whisper harshly. "I don't want to spend all afternoon in a tree."

Neptune places a gloved hand on your arm to silence your rash words. "Patience Uranus."

The battle going on below wasn't much of one. The Daimon had successfully resisted the efforts of 4 foolish school girls. The Miko of this shrine was currently pinned up against a wall.

With no further threats presenting themselves, the Heart Crystal was extracted by the black probing light that emitted from the Daimon's chest. The Daimon snatches its prize in its hand with a victorious sneer.

"Now?" Neptune asks you.

Attack the Daimon or