Raising your right fist above your head, you gather the powers of Uranus. There is a golden spark of light, and then an explosion of power that you can barely keep contained within your tight fist.

"World Shaking!" You bellow, sending the energy on its way. The Daimon is struck with a force that causes the earth to rumble around it.

Neptune follows up your attack with her own. Her Deep Submerge is too much for the weakened Daimon to withstand. All that remains is the once possessed tree. A Daimon egg falling out of its trunk. The egg splits in two and a black spirit giggles evilly as it is released.

From the shadows of your perch in a tree, you examine the Heart Crystal. The Miko's friends go to her prone form.

"It's not the Talisman," you say to Neptune. With a sideways throw you send the Heart Crystal back to its owner. Life flows back into the Miko once the Crystal resettles itself within her.

The girl with the blonde hair in the style of twin odango's, who is supporting the Miko's body, begins to chatter enthusiastically at this sudden recovery. "Rei-chan..."

Neptune nods at you to indicate that your work here is done. You both leap out of the tree and run away to a safe location to revert to your normal forms.

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