While driving back to the apartment you share with the woman in the passenger seat, you reflect upon your activities for the last several weeks. Certainly discovering that you were Sailor Uranus was a startling revelation. One that barely surpassed the realization that you loved Michiru, and she loved you in return.

On this lonely journey to find the Talismans she was your only companion. No one else could possibly understand the depth of dedication required to carry through with the decisions you had agreed upon when your destiny became reality.


"The Talismans are hidden within the pure hearts of 3 carriers," Michiru explained. That was something that they both knew. Only those with a pure heart could have the Talismans, that's what made what they had to do all the more difficult.

"We will end up killing 3 innocents to get the Talismans."

Michiru nodded. "If the Heart Crystal is removed for an extended period of time, the owner will die."

You feel remorseful that there is no other way that you can see. It is 3 innocent lives or all the lives of those on the planet. The Silence is coming.

[End Flashback]

You shiver at the thought of the Silence that is approaching this planet. Michiru notices your action and places a reassuring hand upon your forearm.

"Are you alright?" The concern in her eyes begs to be relieved.

You continue to watch the road ahead of you. Long ago you had lost yourself in those eyes, they could see into your very soul; they are a part of you.

"The Silence is coming. We're running out of time," you stop at a red light.

"We will find the Talismans before the Silence is upon us. It's not too late!"

You smile slightly before easing the vehicle back into gear. "I didn't say it was, love. But I still wonder if what we are doing is right or not."

"Ara, Haruka, we agreed that no matter what, we would get the Talismans. We would do it regardless of method and regardless of each other if need be," the disapproval in her tone at having to rehash this subject was obvious.

"I know. But it still grates against me."

"You are a soft heart. Very well, tell me what it is that you want."

Go into battle for sake of getting the Talismans or
Go into battle for sake of saving innocents or
Continue as though nothing has happened