"You can't be serious!" Michiru demanded.

"I'm quite serious," you reply calmly. "How do we know that all this Talisman business is true? And why is it our responsibility to deal with it?"

Michiru pursed her lips together tightly. "You don't trust what you know in your heart to be true?" She bit off each word, giving it full weight and emphasis.

"I don't want to deal with it. There are other Senshi out there. Let them deal with it. We had normal lives before this Senshi nonsense," you argued reasonably.

By this time you had arrived home. You parked your car neatly in the garage and got out to open the door for Michiru. She allows you to do that for her, though she is peeved at your sudden reversal about being a Sailor Senshi.

"If this is about following your dreams, you can still race you know..." She leads the way into the apartment.

"It wasn't a matter of not racing," you state matter-of-factly as you hang your keys on the peg-board. "It's about losing that which I most value: you. What if you got hurt, or God forbid, killed while fighting a Daimon? I couldn't live after that."

Michiru's anger abates some as you explained yourself. "Ara..." she whispered softly.

"Michiru, please, let's go off somewhere and be safe. Others can carry this burden."

She gazes into your eyes. She sees something there that you can't possibly fathom. "I'll give you my decision in the morning." With that she went to her study room. A few minutes later you hear the soft tones of her violin wafting through the apartment.

"In the morning..." you echo to yourself.

Sleep soundly or
Spend all night worrying about Michiru's decision