Alt.Fan.Sailor-Moon: A USENET group for Sailor Moon.

Anime: (Japanese) literally: animation. Much like a cartoon for adults, often filled with mature themes and situations.

Archives: Web sites that are like online libraries of fanfics.

C&C: Comments and Criticism.

Flames: Hateful, hurtful, email that's purpose is to morally tear down the recipient.

Ginzuishou: (Japanese): A crystal Sailor Moon has that is the source of great power.

Hentai: (Japanese) literally: pervert. Adult materials are referred to as being 'hentai' or 'lemons'.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat): ##Sailormoon is a chat channel on the EFnet.

Manga: (Japanese) Japanese equivalent to a comic book. Often has more mature themes then would be found in there American counterparts.

Otaku: (Japanese) slang (derogatory): crazed fanatic (of anime). Foreign anime fans often use otaku to mean 'a knowledgeable fan of anime'. It could include the original intonations depending upon the situation.

Outer Senshi: A group of four characters representing Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Otaku Wars! R: An ongoing story that has multiple authors. The story submissions are posted to the group. Anyone is allowed to join in who wishes to.

Newbie: What someone who is new to the group Alt.Fan.Sailor-Moon is often referred to as.

Self-insertion: A story in which the author has included him/herself as a character.

Senshi: (Japanese) literally: warrior. The characters are commonly referred to as Senshi in fanfics rather than translating.