First season of Sailormoon (SM) included the introduction of Sailormoon and the four Senshi (known as scouts in North America) Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter as well as the male lead: Tuxedo Kamen (known as Tuxedo Mask in North America).

The antagonists are: Queen Beryl and the Four Generals of the Dark Kingdom (Negaverse in NA).

Second season of Sailormoon (SM R) included the introduction of Chibi-Usa (daughter of Sailormoon) in the second half of the R season. The first half has the Senshi battling two aliens (Ail/Alan and Ann -- a definitive play on names).

The antagonist in the second half is the Black Moon Family (Negamoon in NA).

Third season of Sailormoon (SM S) included the introduction of Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, as well as Saturn. In the first half of the season Uranus and Neptune's mission was to search for Talismans attached to heart crystals (which was a physical manifestation of the soul). Second half of the season dealt with the Dark Messiah.

The antagonist are Professor Tomoe and the Death Busters who are trying to bring forth the Dark Messiah.

Fourth season of Sailormoon (SM SuperS) included the introduction of Pegasus and the continuing training of ChibiMoon.

The antagonist included the Dead Moon Circus and Queen Nephrenia.

Fifth season of Sailormoon (Stars) included the introduction of the Starlights (Star Maker, Star Healer, and Star Fighter) who were intergalactic refugees from the Sailor Wars. A final stand was made on Earth.

The antagonist included the Sailor Animates and Sailor Galaxia.