Translations by Masa Hayashi (If you're like me and want more, I'd suggest emailing her and telling her what a wonderful person she is for doing this ^^) I would like to also point out the translation for Kaze ni Naritai was not done by her.

For more information on Megumi Ogata, visit Iria's Paradise. This page features track lists for her CDs, pictures, and custom made WinAmp skins. (I love the blue 'fishie' skin).

Read a monthly (roughly) message from Megumi Ogata to her fans
(in Japanese and English) at her Univeral Music's bio page.

The track number on the CD follows the song title.

Some lyrics are in JIS format. You will need a viewer such as NJWin if you are using an ASCII system to view the lyrics properly. But, since I'm such a nice bean, I have included a .jpg of the Japanese part of the lyrics on the pages which have them.