Coming Out
Multipheno (1996)

Translated by Masa Hayashi.

Ogata: "Good Morning!"
F: "Good Morning!"
Ogata: "The condition of your skin is horrible today."
F: "Well, I, hm ...... "
Ogata: "Staying up all night enjoying yourself again?!
F: "You are terrible!!!"
Ogata: "Ha, Ha ! Well, anyway, I have been told that today's makeup is supposed to be ......

Today is another day, surrounded by talents and models
Plastic smiles. Business, business

" ... I am so beautiful!"

I suddenly realised one day
The real me

Back at school, when some classmate made a pass at me
I said it was disgusting
But actually, it kind of tickled, felt kind of strange
Didn't really resent it. What does this mean?


Ah!! What's happening? This sudden impulse
Is it an angel talking? Or is it the work of the devil?

F: "Ne, let's go to dinner tonight!"
Ogata: "Oh, I can't tonight ...... "
F: "I know this really nice new bar."
Ogata: "I already have another appointment ...... "
F: "You've been so cold lately."
Ogata: "Ha, ha, ha, ...... < lowering her voice > Don't stand so close!!"
F: "Today ...... is my "safe" day!!"
Ogata: "< lowering her voice > No use having your mouth watering like that"
F: "Ne, Ne, Ne ...... "
Ogata: "Ah!!! Get your hands off me!!"
M: "Hey, wanna go for a drink?"
Ogata: "Ah, well, ah ...... , yes."

Perhaps I should go ahead. Maybe it is a good idea.
Following my instincts

Pride, prejudice. Get rid of the shell that the present me does not need.
Going out onto the street. Coming out.
Look for my real feelings on the way
Freedom is just around the corner. Happy life.

"How about tonight?"

Kamingu Auto


Kyou mo ichinichi tarento ya moderu ni kakomare
Eigyou sumairu. Shoubai, shoubai

" ...... Orette, kirei"

Sou, totsuzen, kanzuita
Hontou no jibun no sugata

Gakkou jidai kara, bukatsu no yarou ni sasowarete
Kimochi warii na toka itte
Hontou ha nannika kusuguttai you na, hen na kibun datta
Iya ja nakatta. Sou, korette ......


"Ah !!" Dou shichattanda. Tsuki-agetekuru shoudou
Sasayaku no ha tenshi ka? Akuma no shiwaza ka?


Ittemiyou, ii kamo ne
Honnou no omomuku mama
Puraido, henken, Ima no jibun ni iranai gara mugisute
Machi he dete miyou yo. Kamingu auto
Hontou no kibun sagashi dashi, sarashi nagara arukeba
Jiyuu ha sugu soko ni, Happy Life

"Konban, dou?"