Peeling out on the driveway while leaving your house was the only outward sign of the inward fear you felt. Michiru never left for long periods of time without telling you. If she isn't back by now, something must have happened.

You really don't know were to begin searching for Michiru, only a couple of hunches. The local market would be a good start, if she did go out to get something.

Speeding down the street, you weave in and out of traffic recklessly. Your antics don't go unnoticed as an officer you pass turns on his lights.

"No now!" You growl angrily, putting your head down as you prepare to lose him on the side streets. If you can shake him in a narrow alley or something you can cut back to the market.

Your skill on the motorcycle allows you to take a respectable lead from the cop. Unfortunately, your skill could not prevent you from slamming into a kid that darted across the street after an escaped ball. The child is killed instantly by the impact. Your last thought before slamming into a nearby tree is 'I'm sorry, Michiru.'


Michiru opened the locked door to the house her and Haruka shared.

"Haruka?" She calls out. "My car broke down on the way back from the market. Would you mind looking at it?" She looks around the house curiously for her lover.